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Year of collaboration

2017 – ongoing


Andea consultants provide a deep understanding of their clients’ industries and challenges and work well in complex environments. With offices in Poland and the United States, Andea is a global player in the field of manufacturing solutions. For one of their clients they were implementing the MES solution.


To make the application available in multiple languages

Andea wanted us to translate their UI strings into French (for Switzerland), Romanian, Dutch and Greek.

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The lack of context for many of the UI strings was challenging to ensure that the translation was accurate and that we delivered the project on time.


  • Andea sent us an Excel file for translation. During this analysis, we noticed that there was a lot of repetition which could lower the cost of translation, and we wanted to pass this benefit to Andea. We translated the file in two steps. For step 1, we translated the most frequent phrases to create a translation memory. For step 2, we ran the rest of the content through the memory to automatically translate those frequent phrases. This reduced the overall quote amount.
  • Quality checks to ensure automated translation was accurate and that the material was fit for purpose.  This part of the project was crucial and to ensure that 3di engineers delivered the translation as prescribed by Andea. Getting the quality right first time provides cost savings in the long term and efficiencies.
  • To provide the highest quality of translations, we encouraged translators to ask questions if they were unsure about the context or meaning. We also made Andea aware that their answers were crucial to the success of the project.

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  • Andea’s solution is now available in English, French, Romanian, Dutch and Greek, which means it can support its clients in these countries.  
  • Andea has fully translated files that are incorporated back into their system.
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