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Year of collaboration

2019 – ongoing


A leading provider of innovative and secure mobile payment technology

Miura Systems, a UK-based company, has been a global pioneer driving mobile acceptance since 2008. Its compact and versatile payment solutions have been powering consumer engagement in key markets across Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as in the Americas. The company partners with acquirers, payment service providers, processors, systems integrators, and independent software vendors to deliver feature-rich payment solutions for use in any customer-service environment, instore, or on the move. It has recently expanded its range of APIs and development environments to make it easier for partners and third-party developers to integrate and run applications on Miura payment devices.


Provide a one-stop location for Miura’s development partners to find documentation and tool downloads

Miura needed to make life easier for its development partners by providing an online source of developer documentation and resources, such as development environment downloads. Development partners had to be able to easily find information and files relating to various Miura software tools. The materials and resources had to be available to developer partners only.

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Harmonisation of complex existing documents into a developer-editable format, and creation of a documentation portal

Miura had a variety of existing documentation across several formats, including RST (Sphinx), OpenOffice and Javadoc HTML output. The documents needed to be harmonised and given an overall structure, and the introductory materials needed to be improved.

Miura’s development team need to be able to routinely update the documentation and easily push their changes to the repository.

In addition, Miura had to be able to manage repository users to grant access to their development partners.


3di harmonised and improved the existing materials and created a developer portal to host them

The 3di team:

  • Designed a content plan, defining the structure for the entire documentation set.
  • Migrated the existing OpenOffice-based API materials to RST (Sphinx) format, a format that Miura’s development team were familiar with.
  • Refined the structure and content of the existing documentation.
  • Created a custom portal to host the documentation. This consisted of a custom CMS and a GitLab build pipeline.
  • The build pipeline allows 3di authors and Miura developers to easily push documentation updates to a repo; these changes are then automatically brought into the portal and built into HTML.
  • Portal features include a cross-product search engine and an admin panel for the portal, so that Miura can manage customer access.

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A more efficient approach to creating and managing multilingual product manuals

3di made Miura’s technical information available and easy to find for Miura’s partners and easy to update by Miura’s development team. 3di:

  • Made Miura’s developer documentation available in a single location, well structured and easily searchable;
  • Brought together multiple sets of documentation that were previously in a variety of places and formats;
  • Made it easy for Miura developers to create and update documentation and publish their changes;
  • Provided practical guidelines for Miura staff to follow when creating and updating documentation.


Working with 3di has definitely helped our partners to develop custom applications for our devices. The portal that 3di designed, as well as the collation of our existing documentation, has made it much easier for them to understand our architecture and device functionality and also reduces the support questions we have to field. The new documentation pipeline has also simplified ongoing support for our development team since they can easily make and deploy changes to the materials.”

Darren Shaw, Chief Product Officer at Miura Systems

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