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Who are Kothes?

Kothes provides smart information solutions ensuring users of software and services can access the precise information they need when they need it. With around 140 employees over 10 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Kothes works for customers from a wide variety of industries across the globe.

How we work with Kothes

Building on their complementary strengths, 3di and Kothes have created a joint venture company Kothes UK Ltd. The new company, will make it easier for existing Kothes customers to access the 3di English language authoring skills and software development documentation expertise. The Kothes UK company will also make it easier for UK engineering companies to access the strategic document and content management specialists that the Kothes team excel in.

Why we partner with Kothes

“Kothes have an unrivalled team of technical communication consultants and documentation system engineers. Our UK customers will benefit from their proven experience of delivering for manufacturing and engineering industries; and of designing content management and content delivery solutions that integrate with product lifecycle management and improve the user experience.”

Paul Ballard, Managing Director, 3di

Both Kothes and 3di deliver high-quality technical documentation for customers in a similar way. This synergy ensures that both companies can easily work together, allowing both Kothes and 3di to share resources, pool professional talent and quickly scale up to meet customer needs.

By combining the specialist skills of both companies, the new Kothes UK company will control and organise projects so that each customer receives the optimal solution.


“The 3di team provides Kothes and our customers with outstanding English language technical communicators, across a wide range of industry disciplines. They also offer particular expertise and innovation in designing technical information solutions for software users and developers. Their delivery capability in the UK and Poland, and their experience with customers worldwide adds new and creative elements to the suite of kothes services.’

Lars Kothes, Kothes CEO

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