Translation and Localization

Translation is one thing, but is your product ready for the new market? You may deliver a different set of features, or the nature of the language may change the shape of text (German words tend to be longer than English) and all of a sudden it does not fit. If you have any of these problems, localization is the solution for you.


We can localize various aspects of your product, such as


Online help

Technical documentation

Knowledge bases and self-service content

Websites and e-learning

Marketing and PR

Compliance information


Why work with us?

  • We manage the entire writing cycle and use culture-neutral English, so it is easier to translate.
  • We maximise reuse to minimise retranslation
  • We make sure you can build versions of your product for a different market, for example if you deliver different features, or use different branding
  • We present information in such a way that the shape of the text does not interfere with the experience
  • We will make sure that you can take control and deliver that first-class experience to all your customers around the world

We believe that success comes from


Fewer words

Every word counts when you have to translate it. We know how to improve software usability so that you don’t have to explain it so much. We know how to write, and how to train you how to write, so that you get the message across, with fewer words.


Better words

Be clear, be consistent. Translating will be much cheaper and quicker. We can set up and manage terminology lists specific to your product. We also know how to apply the same principles to graphics, illustrations, apps, video, audio, and navigation elements of e-learning and web content.


Good tools

Apply the best, to get the most from clever people. We can use computer assisted translation (CAT) and machine translation (MT) tools. We know and use the tools and technologies you might use to create and build documents, software, e-learning and websites. We can apply specific combinations of tools, processes, scripts, and workarounds, to ensure the best available tools are supporting your people and our people effectively.


Clever people

Everyone should play to their strengths. They perform better and it’s more fun. We work with talented translators, engineers, testers and DTP specialists all over the world. We define and manage clear responsibilities so that projects are delivered efficiently. Our clever people get on with the complex translation and product localization, so that your clever people don’t have to.

Quality is the key

How do you react when you are using a product or reading a document that has been poorly translated? It fundamentally affects your experience, doesn’t it? It actually costs you more to translate poorly, than it does to translate well.

We don’t pretend to save you money by using cheap translators. 3di translators are the very best available in the industry. They only translate into their native language, and only about subjects they understand. All 3di translators have been tested comprehensively by respected professional institutions, and by 3di project managers. We translate into virtually any language. Some customer projects involve more than 30. Applying our ISO9001:2008 registered quality management system ensures a quality result, no matter what the language or the subject is.


More information about Translation and Localization

Software UI and help

We are experts in localizing complete software products and online help: comprehensive user support is a critical element. Our highly experienced translators and translation technology produce consistent, accurate translation – that not only reflects the language of the user interface, but also conveys your online help accurately and elegantly in all major world languages.

3di’s localization engineers work with all online help creation and delivery tools, providing you with fully localized versions – ready to implement and ship.

Well-localized online help means a global product with better supported users – and reduced support costs for you.

E-learning and training

Localizing your e-learning and courseware can be a headache. Not only do you need to create localized versions of complex content that your customers can easily understand and enjoy all over the world, but you also need to localize the different components. Text, videos, animations and images all need localization before it can be rolled out to a global audience – here is where 3di’s translators and engineers can help.

Web applications

When taking a software product to a global market, you want your customers to have the same great user experience, wherever they are. Poorly localized software makes your product difficult to understand, and can often make your customers in other countries feel like they’re an after-thought. This is what makes localization such a key part of your development process. Why would you approach delivery of a user experience worldwide any less effectively than you would for your customers in the UK?

3di help you make your product easier to use, easier to understand and easier to enjoy for all your customers, no matter where they are.

Re-engineering for a smooth roll-out

Our localization engineers modify and re-engineer your software, implementing changes to the user UI, input and display, and presentation features such as the time, date and currency. The Quality Assurance process we carry out ensures that all naming, linguistic and formatting conventions are maintained throughout. We’ll test your localized product using the latest tools to make sure everything is in order before returning the product to you. What you get is a product that is ready to roll out to the market.

3di’s engineers regularly work with a wide variety of software, including:

  • desktop applications (C++, J2SE, J2EE,.Net)
  • mobile devices (iOS, Android, J2ME, WinCE)
  • data-driven web services (SQL server, Oracle, XPath)
  • embedded systems (‘C’)
  • legacy systems
  • middleware and CMS content
  • online user assistance
  • e-learning and computer-based-training
  • structured XML and enterprise content

More than just translation

Localization goes beyond just the translation of words. Terminology, graphics, pictures, currencies and lots of other details can have very different meanings between languages, countries and regions. Regulations can also differ from country to country. These need to be addressed throughout software products, in the User Interface (UI) and under the bonnet. Localization deals with all these factors, allowing you to effectively target your audiences in different markets.


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