Translation and localization

What is translation and localization?

Translation is about the words; localization includes translation and is the process of making your complex content suitable for another market, as efficiently as possible. In your translation and localization process, 3di will:

Simplify your content and reduce word count

Create terminology assets

Use the best translation & localization tools

Include specialist engineers and translators

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What can 3di do for you?

3di offers a unique combination of expertise:

  • We will help you communicate clearly in multiple languages.
  • We will help you optimize your English to make translation easier.
  • We will use our flexible global resources and specialist tools to ensure each element of the work is delivered accurately and efficiently.

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Who works with us?

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3di follows these principles to help you achieve successful localization:


Fewer words

Every word counts when you have to translate it. We help you work out what is worth translating. We also know how to write, and how to coach you how to write, so that you get the message across with fewer words.


Better words

Be clear, be consistent. Translating will be much cheaper and quicker. We can set up and manage terminology lists specific to your product. We also know how to apply the same principles to graphics, illustrations, apps, video, audio, and navigation elements of e-learning and web content.


Good tools

Apply the best, to get the most from smart people. We can use computer assisted translation (CAT) and machine translation (MT) tools. We know and use the tools and technologies you might use to create and build documents, software, e-learning and websites. We can apply specific combinations of tools, processes, scripts, and workarounds, to ensure the best available tools are supporting your people and our people effectively.


Smart people

Everyone should play to their strengths. They perform better and it’s more fun. We work with talented translators, engineers, testers and DTP specialists all over the world. We define and manage clear responsibilities so that projects are delivered efficiently. Our smart people get on with the complex translation and product localization, so that your smart people don’t have to.


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