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Year of collaboration

2019 – 2020


A manufacturer of innovative vacuum cleaners

Bristol-based Lupe is the creator of the groundbreaking Lupe pure cordless vacuum cleaner. What makes this vacuum stand out from the crowd is the ease with which it can be fixed and maintained, which is something that is ingrained in Lupe design philosophy.


A high-end product with complex information that needed to be made clear for users

As Lupe manufactures a high-end product, they need quality documentation to match. With their focus on end users being able to easily use and maintain their products, they wanted a manual that used clear, simple graphics to demonstrate how straightforward it is to use their product.

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A new documentation process and limited access to the product

As with many cutting-edge products, development was still ongoing right up until launch, meaning that the authoring team needed to be flexible and responsive to changes. Also, they needed an authoring process to be established that they could take over, using their prefered tools, after their product was launched.

In addition, due to the global pandemic, the authoring team didn’t have access to the product or prototypes before launch. This meant the team needed to get a good understanding of the product without any hands-on time with it.


Creating an easily manageable process with high-quality output

The 3di team:

  • Created a documentation process from scratch using InDesign, that could be passed to Lupe at the end of the project.
  • Aligned the content plan with Lupe’s product development to minimise disruption from product changes.
  • Managed to gain a thorough understanding of the product without any hands-on time with it.
  • Delivered a quality User Guide that fitted seamlessly in with Lupe’s premium brand.

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Easy-to-use documentation that reflects Lupe’s products quality

3di managed to:

  • Deliver a print-ready document that made using Lupe’s product simple and intuitive.
  • Hand over an easy-to-manage and repeatable documentation process using Lupe’s preferred tool, InDesign.
  • Enabled Lupe to focus on its product development during its first product launch.
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