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Year of collaboration

2018 – 2020


Innovative specialists in omnichannel delivery tracking

Narvar provides delivery tracking services and specialises in creating an excellent customer experience in order to build long-term brand loyalty. Founded in California in 2012, Narvar now operates globally, reaching over 400 million customers through clients including Dollar Shave Club, PrettyLittleThing, Sephora, Levi’s and Gap.


Localization of UI strings into multiple languages

Narvar provides a portal for shipping and delivery tracking, and the EMEA division needed to translate the Returns and Alerts UI strings into 34 languages.

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Concatenated strings and US-oriented source text

The source text consisted of concatenated UI strings, with metadata and markers that needed to be placed correctly in each target language. The source text was US culture-oriented and the context was often unclear, so required thorough and careful translation. Narvar needed a localization expert that would design an efficient file management process, coordinate the contributions of 34 translators, and ensure each delivered language would be clear and effective back in the UI context.


A coordinated project team of expert translators and file engineers

The 3di team:

  • Prepared the source files for translation, identifying, addressing and resolving source issues before translation.
  • Identified specialist 3di translators for 34 languages.
  • Simplified the process for resolving linguistic queries that helped improve the clarity of source text and ensured consistency across the team.
  • Managed a Translation Memory (TM) for each language, providing Narvar with a valuable asset for future translations.
  • Ensured the translatable text worked back in the UI context by protecting the file structures, metadata and tags.

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Multilingual tracking portal, improved customer experience across EMEA markets

  • Greater customer satisfaction and trust, as Narvar can now offer a native experience to portal users across the EMEA territories.
  • Valuable translation assets to improve future consistency and cost-efficiency.
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