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3di on tour

While it might feel like summer is still in full swing, at 3di we’ve been busy making plans for the Autumn. Some of our team will be hitting the road and racking up some air miles as we visit various conferences around the world. We’ll be sharing our expertise in some fantastic and informative presentations. So, if you are planning on attending the TCUK Conference, Madworld San Diego, or the LavaCon Content Strategy Conference, make sure you don’t miss the following talks.

TCUK Conference 2023 – 26th-27th September

Taking place at the St. John’s Hotel in Solihull, this year’s TCUK conference will be a must-attend for anyone involved in writing, editing, illustrating, delivering and publishing technical information.

Paul Ballard, 3di’s Managing Director, will be giving a talk, titled “The Globots are comingMaking sense of globalisation and automation”. Based loosely on Paul’s article published in the Communicator Journal, this session will combine three things: reflections on some of the predictions made in the early 2000s about technical communication trends, the new approaches that 3di have been deploying with customers, and the context and insights provided by the book The Globotics Upheaval by Richard Baldwin (published in 2019), with some additional reflection given to the even more recent advances in AI.

Find out more about this talk and the TCUK Conference here.

MadWorld San Diego – October 8th-11th

Moving to the slightly sunnier San Diego, MadWorld 2023 is a content strategy and customer experience conference that gives you the chance to learn from the experts (including our very own George Lewis), network with your peers, and take home best practices

In his talk, titled ‘When Does It Make Sense To Consider DITA’, George will be discussing the pros and cons of implementing DITA, criteria on how to choose the appropriate technology stack and tools, and how to take those into consideration when designing your technical communications process.

Find out more about this talk and the MadWorld Conference here.

LavaCon Content Strategy Conference – October 14th-17th

Staying in San Diego, LavaCon (originally hosted in Hawaii) was set up to help organizations implement state-of-the-art content technologies, as well as to be a gathering place for industry professionals to meet and build relationships that will last for years to come. And one of those professionals is our very own George Lewis.

In his session, titled ‘Changing the Wheels While Driving: Migrating Legacy CMSs to a Single Help Center’, George presents an approach that 3di took to help a leading SaaS developer modernize and improve their user information. He’ll cover how it required 3di to migrate existing content from several existing legacy systems to a single Help Center that was both aligned with the customer’s new branding and integrated with their platform – all while continuing to produce content for the ongoing product development.

Find out more about this talk and the LavaCon conference here.

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Home » Blog » 3di on tour

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