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Year of collaboration

2007 – ongoing


Leading e-learning services provider

Eukleia is one of the global leaders in e-learning services and technologies. They specialise in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) training. They deliver knowledge through online or instructor-led training, infographics, videos and games.


To translate courseware into Russian

  • To produce accurate, localized course content and world-class support documentation for global customers.
  • To offer global customers expertly designed and relevant courseware.

Eukleia needed to maintain linguistic accuracy and engineering excellence. At the same time, they needed to release content on a tight schedule.

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Complex content and presentation

The hardest part was to translate the content very accurately. The courseware contained specialized terminology, complex graphics and diagrams. 3di translators had to understand the subject and context very well.


Establishing a web-based multilingual terminology database and finding efficiencies in the processes

3di Content Writing Team:

  • Shared a multilingual terminology database with the translators
  • Created an enhanced localization readiness checklist for Eukleia account managers
  • Created a slide deck for Eukleia training reviewers
  • Produced localized versions of Eukleia’s course content

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  • 3di delivered a product which allowed Eukleia to meet customer demands
  • 3di helped Eukleia deliver expertly-designed, relevant courseware
  • By improving localization, 3di influenced all areas of the business
  • Superior course content enhanced Eukleia’s reputation and helped the business grow
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