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Resilient plc is a pioneering provider of smart voice services that help the public and private sectors improve business agility and business continuity. Resilient plc provides its services to a wide variety of customers, from financial institutions, local councils, the NHS, to the MoD.

Resilient plc offers many communication solutions, such as their smartnumbers service, which reduces contact centre fraud by identifying suspicious calls before answering, and ensures that organisations can continue answering calls during periods of disruption and transformation.


Deliver flexible documentation to suit a complex product

Resilient needed a way to deliver product documentation for their next-generation smartnumbers application. Because the smartnumbers application can be delivered over a variety of devices, such as mobile, tablet and desktop, the product documentation needed to be accessible and responsive.

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An evolving product with short development cycles

As well as the need for documentation that was compatible with various devices, there was also the added complication of its short development cycles and frequent deployments. It would be a challenge to ensure that content was kept up to date, not only for customers, but more importantly, for internal support teams and partners as well.


An efficient outsourced technical authoring process

  • 3di worked with Resilient to understand the complete product development and support processes required to deliver the smartnumbers services. This gave 3di the insight to identify the information requirements of each stakeholder in the process – the support teams, partners, customer administrators, and end-users.
  • 3di’s flexible technical communications service model enabled them to develop a solution for Resilient that could adapt as they built out the platform for the new services. The solution provided the expertise to design and deliver an automated content production and distribution process, as well as providing the right level of resources to ensure that content for all stakeholders is kept up to date.
  • 3di deployed their dita-xml content publishing stack to produce, publish and manage a customer support portal.  This approach enabled Resilient to quickly deploy the support content for customers, so their development and DevOps teams could focus on delivering the product.

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Improved technical documentation, which is published with the product

  • As new applications are developed, the appropriate product information is being rolled out to the process stakeholders as they need it. In addition, 3di’s dita-xml publishing approach is capable of delivering advanced capabilities, for example, delivering in-app user assistance. 
  • 3di expertise, and the flexibility of their outsourced model, have enabled Resilient to focus on developing their next-generation smartnumbers services. Resilient have the confidence that the product documentation required by internal teams, partners and customers to support the delivery of those services has been taken care of.


“Short agile development cycles make knowledge transfer a challenge for internal teams as well as for partners and customers. (3di) provided us with the capabilities to overcome these challenges as well as the continuity and flexibility to ensure content was always up to date. So we have the confidence that all teams will have the information they require to support the delivery of our services now and in the future.”

Suresh Rasakulasuriar, VP Development

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