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Year of Collaboration

2022 – present


Creators of tactile force and pressure sensing solutions since 1981

Tekscan develops pressure mapping systems, force measurement systems, and tactile sensing solutions. These technologies are used by their customers to optimize product research, design, development, and manufacturing. Tekscan’s patented sensors and systems are used across a wide range of clinical applications including medical and dental. They are used as both stand-alone solutions and embedded technology to create better products.


Deliver a high-quality operating manual for Tekscan’s new tyre-scanning solution

Tekscan wanted an external resource to manage their library of existing documentation while creating content for between one and three new product launches a year. They were concerned their in-house documentation process was no longer in step with their product, both in design, and technical accuracy. Their documentation had become hard to use and hard to maintain.

So in 2023, when Tekscan launched High-Speed TireScan, an innovative system designed to analyse tyre performance, tyre failure modes and tyre footprint distortion (particularly helpful in the F1 world), they needed a high-quality operating manual. Tekscan needed their customers to get a full understanding of the concept and application of tyre scanning using an engaging manual written at the right pitch, with clear instructions on how to install and operate the equipment.

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A new documentation process for a complex and evolving product

The launch of Tekscan’s new High-Speed Tirescan solution needed a new manual. And, as is typical for many product developments, refinements continued until the product launch. In fact, some aspects were still being perfected right up until the first orders started to come in.

Additionally, the launch of Tekscan’s High-Speed Tirescan solution coincided with a change in company branding. The original colour scheme and font no longer adhered to the corporate identity Tekscan wished to promote. This meant a whole new style needed to be used in the documentation.


A robust content strategy coupled with powerful authoring tools

The 3di team:

  • Designed a robust content strategy to build content in a modular fashion using Madcap Flare’s technical writing software for maximum content reuse and flexibility.
  • Created content for the more mature software solution first, for example, the user interface and operating functionality and progressed to writing a fully tested installation procedure.
  • Designed and created a Quick Start Guide for operators setting up the equipment.
  • Managed the change in company branding smoothly by making full use of the functionality available in Madcap Flare, for example, incorporating a last-minute change in UI text with a simple variable parameter change.

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Effective and replicable documentation in the new branding style

The 3di team:

  • Designed and implemented a content strategy using powerful authoring tools and established workflows.
  • Produced documentation using Tekscan’s new branding, covering everything the user needs to know, without unnecessary ‘space-fillers’.
  • Provided a flexible foundation that can be used to create new Tekscan product documentation going forward.
  • Set up a range of document output options like A4 PDF, and A5 folding for quick-start guides.


“Working with the 3di team on our manual was a structured and efficient experience. Their dedication ensured a clear and organized final product.”

Raul Oreste, Product Manager at Tekscan

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