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Reactec helps forward-thinking construction and manufacturing organisations mitigate and prevent workplace health risks. They achieve this by producing leading-edge, wearable tech that collects and transmits data to Reactec’s analytics platform, giving employers up-to-the-minute information on the health and safety of its workforce.

Reactec has a whole ecosystem of wearables that cover many risks, such as noise-induced hearing loss, proximity hazards, exposure to harmful dust, hand-arm vibration syndrome and social distancing.


Create documentation for Reactec’s new products

With an upcoming release of a new range of products, Reactec needed a partner to not only update and improve its existing documentation, but to help implement new processes and procedures to ensure that Reactec’s internal authoring team could keep up with the latest software and hardware releases as their products evolved.

While Reactec had already started using MadCap Flare as an authoring tool, they needed expert support to help them get the most out of this tool, as well as provide ongoing technical writing consultancy as their products evolved.

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As with many cutting-edge products, Reactec’s range was evolving quickly, and it became clear to them that their user guides couldn’t keep up. This evolution demanded a robust solution for managing all the documentation Reactec produced for their different products and users. They needed a way to produce even more written and graphical content, whilst simultaneously simplifying the authoring process to make updating it easier and improve the user experience.

Having worked with 3di in the past, Reactec knew that they could trust us to deliver modern and easy-to-manage information that could be handed back to them to manage long-term.


The 3di team:

  • Designed a new content plan that encompassed all Reactec hardware, as well as their analytics software platform.
  • Advised Reactec’s internal team on getting the most out of MadCap Flare’s features to keep pace with future product updates.
  • Helped Reactec simplify and improve their content to make it easier for users to understand, and optimized it for possible translation in the future.

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The 3di team delivered:

  • An improved content strategy that matched the quality of Reactec’s products.
  • Consultancy on MadCap Flare to enable Reactec’s internal team to use Flare’s features to the full, and get the most from this desktop publishing tool.
  • A new documentation project, designed in a simple way that makes future updates quick and easy for Reactec to do themselves.
  • Simplified and improved documentation that is ready for translation and localization when Reactec is ready to release its products to overseas markets.
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