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IndigoVision innovating at pace, with 3di ready to respond

Recently we received a call from IndigoVision as they wished to accelerate an existing project that would see the introduction of a temperature screening solution.

IndigoVision are an end-to-end security surveillance system manufacturer and supplier; from the cameras to the software systems that control them and help customers make decisions about what they are seeing.

In recent months, IndigoVision had already been working on a temperature screening solution that identifies people with an elevated temperature. In light of the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in increased customer demand, IndigoVision had accelerated development of the solution, so they could meet that demand in weeks rather than months.

The call from the IndigoVision engineer was to see if we could help create the quick start guides that would be needed to ship the products. We said, “Yes!”. Within four hours of getting the input from the engineer, 3di was able to deliver an initial draft. A day later, with a few updates, the print-ready files were ready and available for shipping.

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How did we do this?

IndigoVision chose 3di as their outsourced technical writing provider several years ago. Over that time, the 3di team has designed an approach that integrates with the IndigoVision product teams. We create clear online and printed documentation, and create multi-lingual versions to reflect IndigoVision’s global markets.

At the heart of our approach has been deploying the authoring and publishing tool Madcap Flare. It includes powerful and flexible content re-use capabilities and makes it easy to create printed and online information for new products.

When the engineer called, we could confidently pull together the pre-approved IndigoVision quick start guides elements: templates, content structure, license and safety content, and the branding.

We combined these with our drafts of the new content about the temperature screening solutions – text, graphics and images consistent with the established style guide.

Finally, as the 3di and IndigoVision teams know each other so well, agreeing the final tweaks only took a few hours – a total turnaround time of less than two days. The quick-start guides were ready to print and the temperature screening cameras and system components ready to ship.

Would we do it again? Bring it on!

Not wishing to invite more urgent projects – they’re always more fun in hindsight of course. But it was certainly reassuring to know it could be done, and we’d love to deploy our expertise to help you too; to help ensure you can be ready when the pace at which you need to innovate demands that your product information can keep up.

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Chris Burden

Chris Burden

Chris joined 3di as the team leader of our Edinburgh office in 2018. Chris really enjoys the process of learning how his client’s companies work, what issues they face, and then using this information to come up with bespoke solutions to their problems. In his spare time, Chris enjoys cycling and taking advantage of the numerous cultural events in Edinburgh.View Author posts

Home » Blog » IndigoVision innovating at pace, with 3di ready to respond

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