Madcap Flare and Lingo

We have always provided independent consultancy advice, and we do not sell technology products or receive a commission for recommending particular tools.

However, we know good solutions when we see them, and some technology companies are better than others at investing in and supporting their tools and their customers.

So there are some tools we tend to use ourselves again and again because they’re better than others for many situations. Often those same tools will make the shortlist of what we recommend to customers when their requirements are similar to what we have seen before.

One of these tools are non-standard MadCap flare reports – a powerful, leading-edge software tool for creating, managing and publishing content to a variety of formats, including print, online, desktop and mobile. It’s great for producing:

  • Online help
  • Software and API documentation
  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Illustrated parts catalogues or maintenance manuals
  • Knowledge bases or user guides

You can find out more about how and why we use MadCap Flare here.

Our investment in MadCap Flare expertise

At 3di, all our technical authors are trained to use Flare, and most of our senior authors are certified in the MadCap Advanced Developer (MAD) Certification Program, which recognises and validates an author’s ability to use Flare.

Our localization engineers also develop expertise in the tools, putting new versions to the test and stretching Flare’s and Lingo’s capabilities with ever more exotic language translations and publishing contexts.

Our Poland team organise and host the Flare user group events in Krakow, as do our UK team in Woking. So we can confidently call ourselves MadCap Flare software consultants.

The luckier team members attend the annual MadWorld conferences in San Diego or MadWorld Europe  – read about why that’s a good idea. 3di will be attending MadWorld Europe this year too, in Dublin from 8th to 11th October – more info on the event here.

MadCap Flare help in projects: examples of customer drafts

We’ve used the MadCap Flare help and Lingo products in the work we’ve done for a wide variety of customers and industries:

BridgeHead SoftwareMadCap FlareHealthcare software

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Carbolite GeroMadCap Flare

MadCap Lingo

GE Grid SolutionsMadCap Flare

MadCap Lingo

Power systems
IndigoVisionMadCap Flare

MadCap Lingo

Security systems
PrometheanMadCap Flare

MadCap Lingo

Education Electronics

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PureMadCap FlareConsumer electronics
ReactecMadCap FlareHealth and Safety
VertuMadCap FlareConsumer electronics
VodafoneMadCap FlareTelecommunications software

Read our case study and MadCap’s case study

Five key reasons we choose MadCap Flare in projects:

Efficient authoring

Flare supports single-source, topic-based authoring:

  • With Flare’s powerful conditioning and snippet features, content written for one product can easily be tailored for other variations of the product
  • Single-source content can be published to multiple channels, with Flare automatically using different styles and layouts for the different outputs
  • Modular content enables work to be distributed more easily to a team of authors and can be re-used efficiently

Ease of use

It’s easy to get started with a new project or a new author:

  • Existing content, including Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, HTML and DITA files, can be imported straight into Flare
  • Templates can be used for consistency and efficiency ­– particularly useful when working with a team of authors
  • Flare’s WYSIWYG XML editor and layout modes for web, print, tablet and mobile make it easy to see how the content would appear in any of these formats
  • Customers can take on the authoring when we hand over a project

Enhanced user experience

Flare features enable an enhanced user experience with:

  • Interactive content with multimedia capabilities, such as embedded videos
  • Responsive websites, so the same content can be presented differently depending on the size of the screen or device
  • Support for high-end printing
  • Flexibility to align with customer brands and other content

Innovation and support

MadCap Flare involved in projects provides:

  • A continual program of innovation and improvement
  • Online or on-site training courses, and online help for all its products
  • Maintenance plans and well-supported user forums
  • Flare built-in project analysis and reporting

Support for translation

MadCap Lingo works with Flare and provides a tightly integrated workflow to manage the translation process efficiently. Flare also works efficiently with translation industry standard file formats such as XLIFF, and with the ubiquitous SDL Trados Studio toolset.

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