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Planfix provides a leading platform for trading digital assets

Planfix offers a versatile SaaS business management solution that can be used across a wide range of industries. Since 2011, Planfix has adapted the Planfix suite to meet the demands of an increasingly wide range of business management situations. Clients value this ongoing development and love how easy it is for them to combine different features to best achieve their goals.


Localizing a UI into Polish

To support its market expansion in Poland, Planfix decided to localize its software into Polish. Planfix needed a software translation partner to optimize the process of localizing their software, making it accessible to users in Poland, improving user satisfaction, and enhancing brand reputation in the most efficient and cost effective way.

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Providing Polish translation for software with limited context

Using the .properties file format, Planfix provided 3di with software UI strings for translation. The challenge was that the software strings, by their nature, did not provide much context for the linguists. Context is crucial for translators, because they need to understand the definitions of these strings, and where they appear in the UI. 3di had to establish a process that could efficiently produce correctly localized software, translate glossary terms and provide translators with as much context as possible.


Building a glossary and software localization testing

The 3di team:

  • Created a multilingual glossary of Planfix software key terms including their context for use, so the 3di linguist could understand the context, and be consistent across all products. The multilingual glossary was implemented into the 3di Translation Memory System for the current and future Planfix localization projects.
  • Established a Translation Memory, making each subsequent translation quicker, more efficient, consistent, and cost effective.
  • Requested Planfix create software demo access. This empowered translators to see where the strings appear in the software interface in order to get a better context.
  • Introduced a Software Localization Testing process for Planfix. The process checked the Polish translation implemented into the Planfix software, making sure all translations matched the context, all the items are localized appropriately (e.g. data, time format) and all the text displayed correctly. The process helped to verify the quality of the software translation and ensure the Polish version of the software was capable of being used in that specific market. The process also ensured to fixed likely technical issues.

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A more efficient approach to creating and managing multilingual product manuals

The 3di team:

  • Provided localized, user-friendly software to Planfix clients in Poland.
  • Helped Planfix save costs and time, thanks to the glossary and Translation Memory.
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