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ASPIRE Knowledge Management Expert Group – Presentation of AI Knowledge Management Solution

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Artificial Intelligence in the past

Steven Spielberg already knew what was coming in 2001 when he directed Artificial Intelligence: AI. This seems early, but when you start digging into the history of AI, it turns out the initial concept was already recognized in the Middle Ages. Forbes treated the matter of Artificial Intelligence history quite seriously and delivered a great value research on AI ideas and implementation.

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Tomorrow is today

Back to the year 2017. Clearly, AI is a hot topic everyone focuses on. We live in a fast-paced environment where robots and machines are not only a bonus, they are a necessity. Thanks to their various features, they save us time and make our lives comfortable and modern. It’s the era of voice assistants and self-driving cars, but is anyone actually using AI to help them work?

This is the challenge 3di has taken. Some time ago, Paweł Kowaluk wrote a post on using AI to organise your intranet. He mentioned a top-secret AI project. The great news is the project is no longer top secret. On 20 April, we had a chance to present our innovative AI solution to the public at the ASPIRE Knowledge Management Expert Group meeting. The meeting took place at the Heineken office and we were honored to take the stage next to Joanna Ciborowska, the Knowledge Management Coordinator at Heineken.

As the project is still being developed, we shared slides showing the app and discussed its functionality. But it’s just a matter of time before we can show the beta version. The idea behind the solution is that it doesn’t replace any of the systems you use to store documents. Instead, it reads documents in various formats across different platforms to provide users with the information they need. Based on documents, searches, tags and our behaviour when using the system, the engine gathers metadata and learns. It learns every day, even when we don’t realise it does. So here we are with the first AI solution that helps users to find what they need when they need it. Saves time, money, and makes life pleasant, doesn’t it?

What future brings?

Some say “Nobody knows what the future holds”. At 3di, we dare to say that our Knowledge Management solution will be the future or at least a huge part of it. We believe that machine learning and Artificial Intelligence will shape the future whether we want it or not. Therefore, we can either be the ones who contribute to it and be the first to bring AI to the Technical Communication world or just wait passively until robots replace us. 3di chooses to take the challenge and shape the future!

If you want to find out more about our Artificial Intelligence solution or discuss the future, feel free to comment below or contact us directly via the contact form.

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Home » Blog » ASPIRE Knowledge Management Expert Group – Presentation of AI Knowledge Management Solution

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