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A leading, global manufacturer of count-by-weight (CBW) cash management solutions

Cashmaster is a UK-based CBW cash management company, working with businesses looking to streamline their cash management, reduce shrinkage, improve accuracy and ultimately deliver improved customer service. From sole traders to large multi-national organisations, Cashmaster works with customers across the globe.


Simplify technical product documentation to help grow new international markets

With the company rebranding and launching its new range of count-by-weight products, Cashmaster took the opportunity to refresh its technical product documentation. As well as wanting to ensure that the documentation aligned with the new branding, Cashmaster were also keen that the documentation reflected the new product ethos – fast, simple and easy to use.

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Changing product development plans

Cashmaster chose to work with doc-department (now part of 3di) because of their expertise with single-sourced and multi-language documentation, as well as the flexibility that doc-department’s outsourced model provides. With the uncertainties of developing a new product range, the certainty that doc-department was able to adapt to the changing product development demands provided confidence.


A simple, visual Setup Guide

The 3di team:

  • Provided initial consultancy to advise the client on the best approach to creating new documentation.
  • Created an image-only Setup Guide to meet the primary need of enabling users to quickly get up and running with the counters – an example can be found at the bottom of this page, by clicking on the thumbnail image.
  • Produced a new documentation set for the new Cashmaster One product range in less than 3 months.

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Refreshed technical documentation to match new product range

  • New users can now get up and running with the product quickly – the simple, visual Setup Guide reflects the simple and easy-to-use nature of the product.
  • Easy product setup translates into greater customer satisfaction, and reduced customer service contact and associated costs for Cashmaster.
  • By using only images, no translation is required. This reduces cost, simplifies the production process and helps reduce the time-to-market for this and future product releases.


“To grow our target markets we knew the documentation had to be as good as the product. doc-department came up with a simple design that communicated the information and the product ethos. And by using images we don’t need to translate the guide, saving on costs and simplifying getting to market.”

David Welsh, Cashmaster International Ltd.

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