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Year of collaboration

2019 – Present


A creator of high-end equipment for audio connoisseurs

Founded in 1987, dCS Audio has spent over 30 years redefining the boundaries of digital audio, developing a succession of pioneering products and technologies that present sound with every last nuance intact.

Lina is the first dCS system purpose-built for headphone listening. Designed to drive a vast range of headphones, and deliver incredible sound from all digital recordings, it offers the ultimate sonic experience for headfi connoisseurs.


Creating clear, high-quality documentation to match a premium product

With the launch of its new ‘Lina’ range, dCS needed high-quality documentation that fitted with its premium brand. They also needed to cater for users with different levels of expertise – from technically astute audiophiles to complete beginners. dCS needed documentation that would help advanced users get the most from the product, without alienating those with less technical knowledge of audio equipment. The approach also needed to support easy translation as dCS has customers worldwide.

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A developing product and a diverse user base

Due to the timeframe for launch, documentation had to be created while the product was still in development, so features and best practice could and did change as the product evolved. This, coupled with the fact that the authoring team would have limited time with the product, meant that there needed to be good communication with the development team, as well as a robust process for learning the intricacies of the product.


A solid documentation process with good lines of communication to dCS

The 3di team:

  • Looked at dCS’s requirements, and provided consultancy to advise on the best approach to creating the content needed.
  • Recommended a mix of text and simple graphics, visual elements and a tone of voice that were consistent with the dCS brand.
  • Aligned a content plan with the development of the product to make sure documentation was efficiently created with minimum revisions.
  • Established a good working relationship with dCS internal development teams.
  • Used MadCap Flare as the authoring tool and publishing tool that made it easy to create PDF and HTML outputs.
  • Provided a Localization service into three languages: Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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High-quality, localized documentation that fits dCS premium brand

The 3di team:

  • Delivered documentation for the Lina range during its development, allowing dCS’s internal teams to focus their resources on getting their product ready for launch.
  • Prepared a final, print-ready Getting Started Guide, as well as PDF and HTML User Guides for their website
  • Provided a seamless authoring and localization service, giving dCS a single, full-service provider for both their authoring and translation requirements.
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