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Year of collaboration

2004 – 2005


Nokia is a global technology leader delivering communications services to customers all over the world.


To improve the consistency of the content and reduce translation and maintenance costs

The mobile phone arm of Nokia asked 3di Information Solutions to provide consultation services to evaluate common content architectures for their new XML modular content solution (MODE) and to carry out proof-of-concept (POC) activities. Nokia’s plan was to move from separate content architectures based on different tool environments, to a single common XML content creation environment for all information created during the product content creation process. Their main business objectives were to:

  • Reduce translation costs by 10-20% in the first year of implementation through reuse savings
  • Improve the consistency of the content delivered to customers through collaborative writing, single-sourcing and reuse
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining and managing DTDs and transformations

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Nokia is a large organisation, the approval process for each piece of content takes long and requires precise planning.


Developing a common XML content architecture based on DITA

3di Content Writing Team:

  • Evaluated DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) against the requirements for a common content architecture
  • Compared the architecture to other candidate architectures and identified the key benefits and costs
  • Implemented the POC by creating DTDs and transformations for the service information domain and for general content creation domains

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  • DITA became the common content architecture model for the mobile domain of Nokia
  • The service domain DTDs were approved and an external auditor approved the team’s approach and content design
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