Creating API docs in MadCap Flare

When you hear the words ‘API documentation’, what comes to your mind first?…

by Agata Rygielska • 10 February 2021
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Is it time to move on from MS Word?

Everyone has Microsoft Word, so it’s not surprising that a lot of product…

by George Lewis • 6 January 2014
Single sourcing

Single-sourcing ANSI safety notices in MadCap Flare

Typically, technical documentation includes warnings, cautions and notices. These notices are used to…

by George Lewis • 13 December 2013
Creating contentImprove flexibilitySingle sourcing

Migrating FrameMaker documents to Flare

3di is migrating a series of user guides from FrameMaker to Flare as…

by George Lewis • 10 September 2011