Sara works as a Service Manager at 3di. When asked what she enjoys about her role, she says she enjoys finding solutions to the problems our clients face, and she takes great satisfaction from finishing successful projects.

Sara has previously worked as an Account Manager and Project Manager, and before joining 3di, she worked at a company that specialises in speaking engagements for celebrities. She has a proven track record of managing projects from the discovery stage, finding the customer’s objectives and helping them achieve their aims within their budget, and meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Sara holds an MBA in Marketing and HR, a BSc in Environmental Sciences, and is a certified Scrum Master.

Sara likes to spend her time away from work with her young son, who is currently interested in Lego, walks in the park and nature documentaries. She is also a keen baker and dessert maker, with Churros and Tiramisu being her specialities.