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Sinan Bashir

Senior Localization Project Manager

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Sinan joined 3di in 2008 as a junior localization engineer and has since progressed into Project Management, and works as our Senior Localization Project Manager. As Sinan has an engineering background, he enjoys the technical aspects of his role, and also likes helping and advising clients on engineering projects.

Sinan cut his teeth on production work at an e-learning and software specialist firm. There he was a Senior Localization Engineer, responsible for the production and delivery of complex and demanding UI software localization, E-Learning, and DTP projects on various platforms.

Sinan graduated from the University of Surrey, not too far from our offices. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering.

In his spare time, Sinan likes watching documentaries, playing the guitar, indulging in video games, and keeps active with swimming and football.

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