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Alcatel-Lucent delivers communications and infrastructure solutions to help customers, IT engineers, business operations, and executives connect in a digital world


To develop and maintain a wide range of documentation to meet critical project deadlines set by the Highways Agency

In 2005, Alcatel-Lucent won a ten-year contract to design, build and continually develop a converged high-speed telecom network alongside England’s motorways. Alcatel-Lucent’s implementation of a single nationwide IP-based optical backbone improved the transmission of various types of information, such as CCTV footage, variable messaging and electronic signalling. In 2006, Alcatel-Lucent selected 3di as their technical authoring partner to create technical documentation about their product.

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  • The documentation priorities and the authors’ access to engineers and source materials changed from month to month
  • The engineers and other experts were dispersed between three locations
  • Delivery dates changed at short notice


3di published several versions of more than 100 technical documents describing Alcatel-Lucent’s telecom system

3di Content Writing Team assisted Alcatel-Lucent for four years and delivered the content in an efficient and timely manner, allowing Alcatel-Lucent to inspect and approve each document, which was crucial to completing the project.

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3di delivered more than 100 technical documents, including design descriptions, design-proving test plans, test result reports, implementation plans, operation and maintenance manuals and user guides.

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