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The Skype organisation, now part of Microsoft, has had amazing popularity since it launched its services in 2003. Skype allows us to speak, see and instant message each other around the world, for free or for a low cost. With millions of users using tens of languages, Skype’s challenge is to ensure user satisfaction across all areas of the business.


To reduce the demand on the customer support team

When customers needed help, Skype wanted them to follow links to content where they could find the solution on their own, reducing their propensity-to-contact (PTC) the Customer Service Team. So the English needed to work harder, and be efficient to translate to support the increasingly global user-base.

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Content often changed right up to the release date and all content had to be translated as quickly as possible into other languages.


Design a new content model, rewrite hundreds of FAQs, increase reuse

3di Content Writing Team:

  • Based on Skype’s core FAQ model, defined a new, leaner content model that focussed on the most valuable content.
  • Applied the new model and Skype’s writing style guide across all their FAQs to make the information easier to read.
  • Established a cadence of delivery, aligned with feature releases, so that priority FAQs were always ready, and translated, to support each release.
  • Used analytics and Skype customer feedback data, to understand and report on how the content was being used.
  • Eliminated content gaps; reducing the disparity between the amount of content available across the supported languages, and enabling a more unified customer experience across the globe.

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A leaner, more effective help centre that reduced costs and increased revenues

  • Product launches and the help content was aligned.
  • Customer Service agents had a trusted source of help content they could use and link to in the support with customers, increasing the consistency of experience and saving time.
  • Almost 30,000 orders were placed in the first four months resulting directly from customers clicking on the shop from the help centre.
  • Within six months of implementing the new approach to help, Skype customers’ PTC reduced by 62%


“When Skype looked to expand its Content Writing Team, we spoke to many companies providing writing services. 3di were the stand-out choice for us, as they really understood our requirements.”

Larissa Flynn, External Education & Content Manager, Skype

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