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Helping customers find information in rapidly changing situations

How do you find information quickly?

In fast-moving and difficult circumstances, companies and their customers look for help in understanding the current situation and finding solutions to help them adapt.

3di has seen traffic to some of our customers’ information portals increase by as much as 300%, as people and companies turn to our customer’s products for support. 

What types of information are people looking for? 

People are looking for information in three main areas: 

  • Advanced features and settings to help them get the most out of the products and services they already have.
  • Getting started and installation information, as people start needing to use features they’ve not used before, and as new customers join.
  • Information that they are used to getting from colleagues and support agents, but those options aren’t convenient anymore.

With a spike in demand for information, existing options are no longer convenient.

Companies are working around the clock and from all over the globe, so they need information outside of working hours and in multiple languages.

This is where customer and partner portals with quality content that is easy to find can take the load. They can provide answers to the customer when they need it, and in the right language. 

Want to find out more?

3di’s customer and partner portals service help you to scale up support and respond quickly 

As situations change, you need to react quickly. Information portals for customers and partners help you get the following in place: 

  • Efficient content creation and publishing processes to minimise time to publish
  • Multi-format publishing (i.e. web, mobile, print) to cater for all circumstances
  • Integrated translation process to minimise friction
  • Flexible content creators to react quickly as requirements change
  • All of this in a platform that is quick to deploy and can be maintained </span


In a fast-moving situation, your customers are looking for information. As existing systems come under strain, you need additional information channels and capacity to cope with the demand for information about your products and services. 

3di’s turn-key information portal services, technical authors, and integrated translation can help you respond to your customers, and help them through rapidly changing situations. 

If you would like more information on customer and partner portals, you can visit our service page. Alternatively, you can read our case studies on Apptio and Skype. These show in detail the steps you need to take to successfully create information portals.

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George Lewis

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Home » Blog » Helping customers find information in rapidly changing situations

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