Documentation in agile

How to ensure outsourcing is a success?

by George Lewis • 28 May 2015

Outsourcing is a cost effective and flexible way for organisations to quickly access expertise or resources to support their operations. Outsourcing can reduce costs by 40-70% due to greater efficiencies, standardisation, automation, and training. In addition to the cost savings, organisations can also benefit from the following: Enhanced capabilities Better predictability of service delivery Reduced […]

Using a style guide to control terminology, and manage quality and costs

by George Lewis • 29 December 2014

Consistency of terminology and language is an important dimension of the quality of content. Using clear, unambiguous terms and language makes content easier for the reader to understand, and therefore is more likely to achieve the objective of communicating information. There are also practical benefits from using terms and phrases consistently: Reduced time and cost […]