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Training people isn’t easy. And of course, it got a great deal harder after 2020. Having made the effort to invest in training, participants quickly become bored or disengaged if the learning experience doesn’t live up to their expectations. Work schedules are too hectic for them to welcome sitting in courses, workshops or e-learning modules that don’t deliver.

3di can help. Across a range of industries and sectors, we can provide writers that can design, write and deliver training materials that your participants will love, understand and respond to. We have years of experience in creating different types of learning content for a range of companies, from multinational companies to small tech startups, on a variety of topics. Our authors will work closely with you to ensure we are developing learning content that is tailored to your requirements, regardless of how niche or specialised your content is.

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However you want to deliver

Our writers will work within the parameters of your delivery choice or information infrastructure. If you’re unsure, we will work with you to identify the most effective way of delivering the training to meet your desired learning outcomes. Here are some examples of the types of training materials we can help you with:


Our instructional designers and writers can help you build any type of electronic learning and teaching, hosted on your website or intranet. We can work with your preferred tools or recommend what we have seen work well.

Training manuals

We can develop any type of manual that you need. Your learners can hold all the teaching materials and exercises used in training, be a supplementary ‘takeaway’ that the learners can use at their desks, or provide a set of paced modules for remote learning.

Classroom materials

We can create all worksheets, exercises and teaching aids that your learners need.

Video and audio

We can create content that can be delivered to your learners through video or audio presentations.

Blended learning

You may decide to combine learning in face-to-face sessions with online learning opportunities. This shifts control from the teacher to the learner and is really useful for some organisations. 3di’s instructional designers can help you decide what elements of learning will deliver what you need.

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Learning in a wider context

If the training needs to be about a high-tech product or software, it will be more efficient for you, and more useful for your learners, if the content is integrated with the wider range of product information available – there will be opportunities to re-use information, keep the content up-to-date, and enable learners to select the content that best suits their situation. The same principle applies with training about business processes and procedures.

3di’s range of content development expertise means we always think about this wider context on your behalf and look for ways to make the whole range of information work effectively for you and your learners.

See our case study for Vodafone about the integrated set of product information, videos, training content and knowledge base we develop and manage.

A Globe Showing Africa and Europe

Writing training materials that work around the world

If you have learners in multiple markets to think about, that probably means many of them will not be native English speakers. How do you ensure you are developing content for learning that will be efficient to translate or localize for each market? 3di’s unique combination of content development and multilingual localization expertise will help you prepare clear and effective training and e-learning materials in any language.

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If you want to find out more about our award-winning technical authoring team, our process, or our previous work for some of the world’s most well-known companies, you can visit our blog post or case studies pages for more information. Alternatively, if you want to discuss how we can help with your learning content, contact us using the link below.

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