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Why the skill of writing well matters

Even as technology advances, the principles of writing well stay the same

by Rachel Potts • 7 October 2021

5 reasons why product documentation is the marketing department’s secret weapon

How does product documentation influence marketing? Find out here

by Danny Naylor • 26 April 2021
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by 3di • 22 March 2021

What is Simplified Technical English?

Let’s face it, Simplified Technical English (STE) can be boring. As a controlled…

by Sarah Eager • 12 March 2021

Sorry! The dog ate my technical manual

We have been working from home for many, many months now. For some,…

by Chris Burden • 14 December 2020

Game Developers need easy-to-use documents too

If you’ve picked up a computer game over the past 25 years, there…

by 3di • 12 November 2020