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Vodafone Group, and its Operating Companies (OpCos) in different countries, have led the way in providing Unified Communications solutions for small and medium-sized business – their “Ready Business” offer includes the One Net Business product suite – a collection of cloud, PC and mobile app software tools that enable companies to replace their legacy office telephone systems with integrated desk phones, mobiles and PC tools.

Aim: To support the new One Net product suite that would be delivered by Vodafone OpCos around the world

The Vodafone Group product management team had a clear vision: to provide a great customer experience to support the powerful new Vodafone One Net project suite that would be delivered by Vodafone OpCos around the world. They needed a specialist partner to help design and deliver that vision.

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Although the One Net products were functionally very rich, the vast set of supporting technical documentation was not going to deliver a great customer experience, and each OpCo offers its customers a slightly different set of features, in different languages.

Solution: 3di designed, developed and delivered the One Net Information Site for Vodafone

Vodafone One Net Project with 3di Info

  • The site is a self-service portal that enables buyers, users or potential users to find out everything they need to know about how to buy, install, set up, use and troubleshoot their One Net Business system and components.
  • 3di used Madcap Flare to create over 1500 topics, and to manage what topics need to appear for which OpCo, in which language.
  • Due to the specific visual design specifications required by Vodafone, the raw HTML output from Flare was then published out through a stylesheet, preserving all the architecture and links, but making the content look and feel just like any other Vodafone website.

Vodafone One Net Information Portal on Mobile and Laptop Devices

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See the award-winning Vodafone One Net Information Site here


A self-service portal for Vodafone One Net customers

  • Vodafone customers in Germany, Ireland, South Africa and The Netherlands started using their versions of the site in April 2016, and the UK OpCo site went live in March 2017.
  • 3di maintains the Vodafone One Net Information Site as an ongoing service. We update and localize content each month, to keep up with the developing product.
  • 3di monitors website analytics to change the content based on traffic, search term, number of visits to the sales page, the support page, and more.
  • Vodafone and 3di won several ISTC UK Technical Communication awards for the site and service.
  • You can visit the live site here: Vodafone One Net Information Site.


3di has won several awards from the ISTC for work carried out for Vodafone, including;

  • Best use of single sourcing and multi-channel publishing
  • Best business integration
  • Best conceptual communication

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