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Welcome to 3di Poland

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Hi there!

Techwriters, translators, information designers, content strategists, or just content geeks of all kinds* out there interested in our journey – welcome to the brand new 3di blog!

What you’re looking at is our facelifted website that we’ve just kicked off. To be honest, I think the design is rather (i.e. completely) dazzling, but judge it for yourself. This blog is where we’ll update you with the upcoming changes and all the good things to come. It’s also here that we’ll vocalise our saint anger at techwriters’ pains, just to get it off our chest. In short, we’ll write about what it’s like to work at 3di.

But first things first: what is 3di Poland?

Well, it all started in the UK, as you can read here. Thanks to some great ideas put into practice not that long ago, we are free to develop the Kraków branch of 3di from the very beginning, and play our role in creating the newly emerging techwriting community in Poland. This is great news not only for experienced techwriters, but also for all fans of English trying to turn their interests into something solid and valuable by becoming techwriters (that would be me, for instance). There is a great chance that soon people will stop reacting to the words “technical writer” with a mix of doubt and fear in their eyes (I’m guessing you know the feeling, at least in Poland).

We’re proudly headquartered in Dębniki, a town within a city, that is growing into Kraków’s hottest area for brave start-up projects, striking alt culture and some legitimately great food. Feel free to quote me on that: in a few years’ time, this place will be a red-hot spot for new ideas and ways of life.

As a fresh new joiner, I’ll have the pleasure of writing the first few posts for this blog. But the general idea is that each of us will write a piece from time to time. We’ll cover topics related to what we do: writing docs, technical communication, and our Don Quixote fight against puzzling punctuation, incoherent instructions, opaque online help and misleading manuals. All minions of chaos in the world of tech content: beware!

And follow our blog:)

Yours, excited and going back to work,
Jakub Wiśniewski

*quibblers and purists are always welcome, obviously!

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Home » Blog » Welcome to 3di Poland

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