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Mannequin challenge

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Well, it’s nearly impossible you haven’t heard about the mannequin challenge by now. I know, it’s been two months since the whole thing went viral, which for most of us equals eternity. We’ve seen them all frozen: AdeleCristiano Ronaldo, even Paul McCartney. I’ve watched the one with Pope Francis but I’ve lost the link somewhere.

And there came a moment when one of us said: so, we’re doing this thing or not? You can find the answer here.

They’re telling me I moved my finger, which is quite depressing, considering the tremendous effort I put into freezing. And those of you who haven’t tried it yet: it’s not as easy as it seems, not even close. You suddenly get ticklish, feel like sneezing, and start to appreciate the classics of stillness in motion, like Buster Keaton.

But it is pure fun indeed (especially when you film the video during working hours).

I would forget: hail to the film crew! It’s been a pleasure.

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Home » Blog » Mannequin challenge

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