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MadWorld Europe

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The MadWorld Conference has been organised for 5 years consecutively in San Diego, United States. It has gathered an impressive audience of Content Professionals and Industry Leaders all of whom are either MadCap Software users or enthusiasts. This year to share knowledge and experience on an even wider forum, MadCap decided to bring MadWorld to Europe. The event will take place on the 11th-14th September in Prague, Czech Republic.

Knowing the scale of MadWorld in San Diego, the Europe event will need to be impressive too. Big events require big partners, and that is why we are happy to announce that 3di Information Solutions has been selected by MadCap Software as a partner to support the launch of MadWorld Europe.

Whether you are a MadCap tools geek, a beginner or only just heard of Flare and are keen to learn more, this event is for you. You can count on inspiring talks, meeting great people and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you would like to investigate the MadCap tools more before the conference, there are several FREE Flare workshops organised by 3di, where you can learn basics as well as discuss complex issues. To get more information on this just visit our Polish MadCap Flare User Group here.

Click here to register or find out more about the MadWorld Europe Conference.

Want to find out more about MadCap Flare, the User Group or anything else? Contact us here.

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Home » Blog » MadWorld Europe

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