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What do you need 4 cards, a notebook and a pen for?

In November 2017, together with ASPIRE, we hosted a game-based workshop on the mythical “Perfect Knowledge Management Tool”.

Within ASPIRE, the Knowledge Management Expert Group aims to support shared learning, best practice, continuous improvements and innovation across the ASPIRE membership of Krakow-based outsourcing companies.

Why a game-based workshop? 

During previous meetings of the group we heard many stories of various Knowledge Management Tools implementation and noticed that most of the tools don’t meet all the requirements of the organisation. At 3di we believe that Analysis is as important as any other phase of the project. That’s why we came up with a game-kind-of-thing that encourages participants to:

  • Analyse their requirements
  • Consider the needs of the solution’s other users
  • Discuss in a group 
  • Foresee unexpected events in the process of planning 

Why do you need a pen? 

We divided participants into groups of five. In the first step we asked them to: 

  • Identify stakeholders who will need to use this solution 
  • Propose user stories on sticky notes 
  • Group the requirements into Must have and Nice to have 
  • Identify the corporate sponsor – somebody who will pay for the solution 

Based on the answers, the game moderator awarded each team with points. The better their answers were, the more they scored. 

Why do you need cards? 

Because the task was followed by a series of unexpected events. Just like in real life. Here, each team pulled out a card with an instruction on it. These could be: “Your corporate sponsor is rotated to a different position, you lose 3 points” or “Your stakeholders keep reporting different needs every time you talk to them, you lose 5 points”. Sounds familiar, right?  

There were four rounds and the final score was not only the result of team effort, but also of pure luck. Just like it normally is in every organisation. 

Does this sound like something you would like to go through with your team? Contact us! 

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Home » Blog » What do you need 4 cards, a notebook and a pen for?

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