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4 years of 3di in Poland!

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Today, 3di has a big reason to celebrate: our second office, based in Poland, successfully kicks off its 5th year in business!

It’s been 4 years since the second 3di office was set up in the beautiful and fast-growing city of Kraków, right across the river from the famous medieval Wawel Castle, and literally across the street from the Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology, where the best tech comm conference in Europe — soap! — takes place each year.

The Wawel Castle in Kraków, Poland

3di Poland comes to life…

The Kraków office was set up to expand 3di UK operations, attract new talent, find local customers, and be a gateway brand of 3di for global customers. Thanks to a bunch of amazing people, all of this came true!

Soon after establishing the new office, the Kraków employees launched 3di’s brand-new website, started recruiting and training new authors, implemented dozens of new tools and internal content solutions, took part in conferences such as the Copenhagen Write2Users and the California MadWorld, worked with dozens of customers from all over the world and… created an awesome mannequin challenge video (anyone remembers the mannequin challenge craze back in the day?).

Since 2016, the Kraków team has been working with some of the most interesting 3di customers, such as Resilient, Oxford Instruments, DDEX, Auth0, Octopus CloudPromethean — and many more

…3di Poland evolves…

It may seem like a brief moment to most of us, but the truth is that 4 years is a long time, especially in tech comm. We sure wish that every one of 3di Poland’s founding fathers and mothers were still sitting next to us, but just as solutions and methodologies evolve, people’s priorities change and careers take new paths… C’est la vie!

Yet, new customers keep giving us a firm motivation to keep 3di in Poland brimming with fresh talent. That’s why over the years, both our Kraków Operations and Tech Comm squads have grown, establishing a well-coordinated team of industry professionals ready to tackle any project that comes their way.

…3di Poland heads into the future!

What’s next for the 3di Kraków office? Greater integration, both with our UK Head Office (recently moved to Woking, next to London) and our growing Edinburgh office. As we continue working together on new projects, both our authors and service managers learn from one another, sharing their ideas and putting them into practice. We’re even planning a global get-together (3di’s first!) in Woking — more on that soon!

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Home » Blog » 4 years of 3di in Poland!

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