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Sorry! The dog ate my technical manual

We have been working from home for many, many months now. For some,…

by Chris Burden • 14 December 2020

Game Developers need easy-to-use documents too

If you’ve picked up a computer game over the past 25 years, there…

by 3di • 12 November 2020

UKCA marking update

With other events overshadowing the UK’s exit from the European Union, the January…

by Chris Burden • 22 October 2020

Using technical communication to bridge the digital literacy gap

If we were pressed to list one positive outcome of the health and…

by 3di • 11 September 2020

Paul Ballard’s interview on BBC Radio Stoke

Paul Ballard, Managing Director at 3di Information Solutions, was recently invited onto BBC…

by Paul Ballard • 11 September 2020
Creating contentOnline documentation

21 years of technical authoring – a journey through tools

I joined 3di’s technical authoring team in early 2020, which neatly marked 21…

by David Baxter • 25 August 2020